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Butterfly Collector Edition

Dreaming Baby pharma grade glass bottles are free fo BPA, Phtalates, PVC, Cadmium, Lead and other toxic substances. Manufactured to meet the strictest safety guidelines, the durable break resistant glass bottles are lovingly decorated using organic ink.

Dreaming Baby bottles are not made with Soda Lime Glass like our competitors but Pharmaceutical grade glass for extra strength and durability. In fact only Pharma Grade glass can be sold in the UK and Europe. Only Pharma Grade glass can be certified to the standards of EN14350, the highest standard in the world.

Many plastic bottles say they are BPA Free, however, Health Canada Scientists found traces of BPA in the so called BPA free bottles. The only way to be sure of your baby's safety is to use clean, all natural glass. Health Canada took the lead in banning BPA and its officially listed as a toxic substance alongside Lead, Cadmium and Mercury. Do you want to take a chance BPA free bottles are just that?

Glass is natural, recyclable and reusable. Dreaming Baby is committed to the environment and to the future of our planet that commitment to the future extends to your baby, our planets future.