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About Us

Friendship is a special bond.  When a friend announced she was expecting her first baby, naturally, friends do what friends do best.  We showered her with love, support, and of course, gifts.  In our quest for the ‘perfect’ gift, we came across baby products that were unsafe, contained toxins, and of questionable quality.  Out of frustration, we decided to hand make bibs and blankets out of baby-safe organic materials that were free of toxic chemicals, dyes, and anything else that could harm our friend’s baby.

Out of this experience, Dreaming Baby was born.  We are committed to sourcing, producing, and distributing products that are safe, reliable, and passes the ultimate test – we’d give it to the people we love.

Our products are made with natural materials, and produced using methods with minimal environmental impact.  Our babies’ dreams of a healthy and prosperous future depend on us, and our commitment to them.

Aspire. Believe. Create. Dream